Home & Life Phangnga’s family wishes  all of you will be full of happiness and have the great time on this opportunity. In particular appreciated and realized of your supporting .We are available in the present day because of every support from you and every cheers of our work for charity and children here. Thank you so much for keep in touch and being along together with us. From what we have been through the year 2015. Many several things and event happened in Home & Life Phangnga’s family .I would pleasure to present of the majority.

Coming up the moment of New years cerebrating . Year by year we looking for the present ,gift,toy ,sweet etc . But this year we learn and looking for the  beneficial gift  which is not the toy or sweet  .

But it is the priority need fund for survive and able to take us live in 2016 continuously.
Your gift  better change to the small donation for food , education ,itself  development ,necessary for kids etc. This is the most present you can do for Home&Life Phangnga foundation and ensure it will make our children happy  for whole year.

Please you can help to send donation gift through Home&Life Phangn foundation ‘s saving account

Details of Bank account: Siam Commercial Bank, Khok Kloy Branch, Thailand

Name:  Home&Life Phang Nga Foundation (มูลนิธิบ้านเพื่อชีวิต พังงา )

Saving Account: 788 -217-213-0


http://www.homelifethailand.com/donatecontact -en.html

Or please hospitality directly  contact us.

Last but not least, We wish and pray for all of you to be peaceful and happy with family, doing well and healthy. And keeping up with Home&Life family  .

By Root

Home & Life Foundation regret to inform you that our grandfather “Boonmee Maneejak” has sadly pass away at the ages of 86. Grandfather was the father of our Home & Life foundation’s founder Root “Bhudit Maneejak”  

Grandfather has a chance to visit his son’s foundation 5 years ago and praised all the staff here for running such a good project. Grandfather was very proud of his son and all of the staffs to all the work that’s has been done and continue to be done for society and the children here.

The children here saw “Boonmee” as their grandfather figure and some attended his funeral to pay their respects.

The children visited grandfather 3 years ago during the Thai New Year “Songkran Festival”

Before his death, grandfather included Home & Life Foundation in his will, donating nearly £600 to the foundation. This is a generous donation and also gives great encouragement to the Home & Life family.

Grandfather taught good morals which should be used as a guide in life

May the spirit of grandfather rest in peace.

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Our Wishlist

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About Us

The destruction caused by the Tsunami on 26th December 2004 still leaves many people and children in southern Thailand homeless, jobless and hopeless.  A huge amount of short-term aid has come in from around the world to relieve the immediate physical, psychological and spiritual needs.  The present situation is that many remote Tsunami victim families still haven’t received any kind support from any government or other organizations. No work, no jobs and no income has had an enormous effect on families. Their children have difficulty going to school; this problem leads to other social issues such as youth gang culture, criminal cases, love affairs and drug abuse in the Phang Nga area. After getting enough information, and without any delay, Mr.Bhudit and Mrs. Rasa decided to build their team and establish a home for the orphans called “Home & Life” in Thaimuang district, Phang Nga province.  

“Home & Life” Foundation was officially founded on 15th November 2006. The main purpose of the Foundation was to establish a self-reliant home for the children of some of the survivor families and those who lost their families. There are now 26 children and 6 adult teachers and staff under the Foundation here. Everybody at Home&Life is trying hard to build a home for the children on the rented 1 Rai land. During the daytime the children go to school and after school everybody gathers together to learn entrepreneurial skills, life lessons and participate in normal family activities to help build a solid and stable foundation for the children.

The foundation “Home and Life Phang-nga” has attempted to seek assistance from different organizations both in Phang-Nga and Phuket but has had no great success. In order to achieve the foundations ultimate goal of teaching the children to be active members in society, as well as to equip them with independent living skills, the organization is still in need of on-going assistance. Funding is needed to facilitate the daily classes held at the Foundation “Home and Life Phang-Nga” site with proper resources. These classes include teaching the children about tourism, gardening, Thai massage, fishing, and home life. Although these classes are strongly focused on creating future employment opportunities they are also deeply embedded with family values. The founders of the Foundation “Home and Life Phang-Nga” envisioned a safe and supportive family environment in which children are able to grow up and learn.

Home & Life’s children will stay together as a united family, to care and to love for each other.

Mr.Dean Kelly Junior , Natalie Glebova and Maya one years old daughter visiting our Home & Life (Phang Nga) Foundation on the last Friday 12th May 2017

Mr. Dean and Natalie the founder of Tralbook Copany and friend has donated Monkey Bars for the children in Home & Life. During the last five years Mr. Dean always participating on the charity work toward our Home & Life foundation and this past two years with Natalie also love to come along to join. To work and sacrifices to the charities and to our children.

This time both of Dean and Natalie also helping to advertising all of our activities, such as our coffee shop and all the product start from Banana cake and the new product Coconut cake. Also with all activities during our summer holiday for generating our income.

Dean has mentioning about the charity and travel-volunteer are now very popular in the foreign traveler. Because not only travel but they can give back something to the society or doing charity work during their travel time.