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หน้าแรก Message from Our Manager

Home & Life Phangnga’s family wishes  all of you will be full of happiness and have the great time on this opportunity. In particular appreciated and realized of your supporting .We are available in the present day because of every support from you and every cheers of our work for charity and children here. Thank you so much for keep in touch and being along together with us. From what we have been through the year 2015. Many several things and event happened in Home & Life Phangnga’s family .I would pleasure to present of the majority.

Coming up the moment of New years cerebrating . Year by year we looking for the present ,gift,toy ,sweet etc . But this year we learn and looking for the  beneficial gift  which is not the toy or sweet  .

But it is the priority need fund for survive and able to take us live in 2016 continuously.

Your gift  better change to the small donation for food , education ,itself  development ,necessary for kids etc. This is the most present you can do for Home&Life Phangnga foundation and ensure it will make our children happy  for whole year.

Please you can help to send donation gift through Home&Life Phangn foundation ‘s saving account

Details of Bank account: Siam Commercial Bank, Khok Kloy Branch, Thailand

Name:  Home&Life Phang Nga Foundation (มูลนิธิบ้านเพื่อชีวิต พังงา )

Saving Account: 788 -217-213-0


http://www.homelifethailand.com/donatecontact -en.html

Or please hospitality directly  contact us.

Last but not least, We wish and pray for all of you to be peaceful and happy with family, doing well and healthy. And keeping up with Home&Life family  .

By Root

See our detail how we started and how we living....

Home & Life have created so many activities to give the children special skills...

Home & Life currently looks after 25 children between the ages of 5 and 18. The children come to the foundation mainly because their own families are unable to look after them for various reasons such as poverty and family breakdown.

Our Home has different activities for the children every day, including life skills training, school homework and reading, all of which can help them to develop their ability to earn as they get older.

See More... Home & Life’s Wishlist

How you can help!

To see our wish list, please click on the link below to download the attachment. We appreciate your kindness and that of every donor who has donated several items in the past

Download See More Running Project

Hydroponics' garden

Hydroponics is a subset of hydro culture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Terrestrial plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral nutrient solution only or in an inert medium, such as perlite, gravel, biochar, mineral wool, expanded clay pebbles or coconut husk and in our case is to build the instruct and using the sponge  for planting !

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Other running projects

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Home & Life would like to take this opportunity to express our mourn and profoundly saddened by the past away of Mr. Brad Kenny the beloved and respected of all Home & Life family and condolences And encouraging The family of Mr. Brad Kenny. Brad have made a lot of progress ensuring help many benefits to Home & Life (Phang Nga) foundation. In the post of the foundation's board of director, he's also being our children uncle so father to us all. He's loves to give us consultant and advise to all of the staff and family of Home & Life.

We will be love and respected you as always and graven your encouragement and kindness in our remember. RIP

The Children’s  new product.

Crispy fish fried chili paste.

The new homemade product produce by Kate, by using her original recipe form her family and past it on to our children.

This project is for teaching the children another skill of homemade product and self standing.

Help the children by order the chili paste and let them organizing and produce. Most of the income from this product will be go through the children welfare support.

Order contact direct to
Kate 081-959-7844

Dream coming true!!Our new Bakery house the place for vocational training support target group for children in charity and local public who interesting .

To give us supporting ,you can donate such as Bakery equipment and or donate to support the constructor of the Bakery house.

you can get more information how to donate by left massage in our inbox.

Or you can transfer directly to the Home&Life Phang Nga foundation 's Bank account

A/C Name : Home&Life Phang Nga Foundation (มูลนิธิบ้านเพื่อชีวิต พังงา )

Saving Account: 788 -217-213-0


2016 Summer Vacation trip

The next adventure and vacation for the children are awaiting for them to discover the new experience. On summer 2016 Home & Life are planing to bring the children on vacation for explore the unseen experience at the east part of Thailand. The children will be learn the history and culture also to be seeing the unseen landscape and artificial. Home & Life are on now starting to running for fund rising to complete the spend for this value trip for the children. The funding will be cover foods, gas, accommodation etc. Please help this trip to be happen. For more information please fill the form below.